Sunday, October 11, 2009


My gosh, its been along seems like yesterday I posted. Lots has happened since the last time I took a hard look at my life. Thank God, thats where the grace falls in. When you are just so dang busy, you arent upset that you missed a few things!

For starters, Msquare is back @ Canton. Same place and time. Not near is overwhelming this year, we feel like old pros at this stuff now. Although, we did get a mule this year to carry our kids and their crap up the mountain this year..its a rolling mule. We dont want anything else that talks, walks, or eats. Just dont have time!

Justin got laid off at the beginning of last month, and has landed a wonderful job. Its been kinda nice having him here to pick up Mckay from school, run her to cheer and stay 4 1/2 hours...I love that, and carry her to anything else she wants him to do. She says that he thinks he has 2 wives....bless his heart. She is going tomorrow to get her driving out she about to be rollin!

Seems that this year has been the hardest year of my life, but the best. Lots of things happened that built character and stamina, confidence and patience, and examination of how we live life. How it rolls past us without us even stopping it! I cant believe that my baby is a freshman.....and about to drive.....that I am 5 yrs away from 40!!!!

Instead of saying this is life as we know it....we say THATS HOW WE ROLL!


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