Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pitter Patter

My goodness sakes, we have gathered an army over the last few weeks. Maybe not an army, but a great start on a basketball team. I am so elated to say that all my rowdy friends have settled down.

For starts, Misti got herself a double heaping of blessing. She is fostering the most precious babies, a boy and a girl. The stork brought them to her home last week and we are praying Gods will for the situation. For the time being, they are being fed, diapered, fed, diapered, and prayed over by many folks.

The other BIG blessing belongs to one of the sweetest, genuine girls I know. Her name is Kelsey and the stork brought her a baby boy named Brayden. He is quite a bundle, a big one. We call him Big Tex, hes a whopping 9lbs 2oz. Hes long legged and I honestly don't know where she put him!!!!!! Hes here now to stretch out and he is a chiller. He loves his momma!

I am always amazed when I hold these babies that they are so perfect. GOD is so creative when he makes us, creation of these beings from start to finish. I love when Jeremiah was told that GOD knew him in his mommas womb! I love that He extends His goodness to make these little ones perfect, flawless, helpless. I wish I was still like that, I wish I was 100% completely dependant on Him. I would like to claim that I am, but He reads my blog too and knows the truth. CONGRATULATIONS YOU GIRLS, THESE BABIES ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Peace, Love, and Pampers,


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