Friday, June 19, 2009


O my gosh!!! I loooooovvvveee my baby presh. AKA:Big Girl Mckay

We had the best photographer in town take her photos the first of this month. Well, actually she is residing in Florida right now, but she visits often, if anyone needsa FAB U LOUS session.

My baby presh is going into high school this year, and I wanted to capture this year just as she is. Braces, short legs, and deflated chests! She is so dadgum cute. She is an awesome kid, even if I am her momma. Her daddy thinks she is Miss America, and a bag of chips. I dare any hairy legged boy cross his path!!! Just wanted to share with you gals some pics.

Dig this, the great photographer is Yea, shes a girl name Kevyn, cool hugh?
Heres to a great day in the world of photography.
Peace, Love, and A GOOD LOOKIN KIDDO


  1. She is gorgeous!!! and sassy! And just precious!! You are one lucky mommy!!! :)

  2. Well aren't you sweet to give me such great props! I wish you guys nothing but the best and hopefully- I will get to take her senior pics in four years! I am so excited to get your beautiful album, canvas and prints to you...I can't wait to see how your album comes out. I know it will be great.


  3. Love the blog! And the pics! Luckily I looked at the photographers site to see cool pics of you too! Thanks for the do... I feel like a new woman!