Friday, June 19, 2009


O my gosh!!! I loooooovvvveee my baby presh. AKA:Big Girl Mckay

We had the best photographer in town take her photos the first of this month. Well, actually she is residing in Florida right now, but she visits often, if anyone needsa FAB U LOUS session.

My baby presh is going into high school this year, and I wanted to capture this year just as she is. Braces, short legs, and deflated chests! She is so dadgum cute. She is an awesome kid, even if I am her momma. Her daddy thinks she is Miss America, and a bag of chips. I dare any hairy legged boy cross his path!!! Just wanted to share with you gals some pics.

Dig this, the great photographer is Yea, shes a girl name Kevyn, cool hugh?
Heres to a great day in the world of photography.
Peace, Love, and A GOOD LOOKIN KIDDO

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

OK GIRLS, I know we needed it, but my neighbors back yard is now in mine, mine in my neighbors! (We live on the down slide of a hill, kinda) My dogs are mad at me, my girl was planning on a water park to day, every ones BUMMED.

But, I just came home from the beautiful Bullard, Tx. My mom had back surgery on Tuesday and she did wonderful. We went shopping all day yesterday on one pain pill. She said we were professionals and she had my step dads credit card. That's what made us professionals, we were spending someone elses money!!!!!!

NEWAYS, can't wait til Saturday for the grand opening of Winnie and Tullias. I hope thats how you spell it, but anywho, it'll be a good time.



Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, as I set here wondering on how all this came about, I can do alittle breakin it down for ya.

I am so excited that God has favor on me. I humbled at the fact that He loves me enough to marvel over me and my family. I have enudred some hard knocks but all in all, I have mastered the one gift on the giving and recieving end of LIFE.

FORGIVENESS, lets see, its so complicated but so simple. Jesus said to do it and I have come to terms that there is vital reason for these words written in red. He loves me so much to set me free from binding things that have been harmful to my self, to Him in myself , and the people I love the most. It all came down to this, to love and to be loved. To forgive and to be forgiven.

THANK YOU JESUS. I proclaim to know life in this circle from now on.