Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tag! I'm it!

Ok, it happend I got tagged by my business partner of m2. As if she doesn't know, she thinks I need to tell 7 things about me. I should have let her fill this out for me.

So here it is for all of yall!!!!

1. I LOVE JESUS! I am so grateful for Him. I have been through some junk,(some my fault and some not) and he has put my feet on a rock fosho!!!

2. I lie about my age all the time. If I'm feelin old, I just jack up my age to look alittle younger.

3. I'm a flip-flop FREAK. No JUNKY ones though, well, I mean cheap ones. YELLOWBOX is all my workin dogs will have.

4. I LOVE CHEERLEADING!! But only if its my kid! I only want to talk about mine. Just kiddin!

5. I work to much. Thats what everyone says, I am seeking medical attention for this. I am not sure if its for the workaholic or for the slander of my family and friends.

6. I am a perfectionist and I havent arrived yet. How funny is that? Nothings good enough, is it?????

7. I have a great kid. She is fantastic, and beautiful. We have been blessed more than we could ever ask. She truly has a favor of God on her life.

Ok there yall are. I have been very blessed and busy. MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! Thanks for taking time out to listed to my tag. Loves!!

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  1. That wasn't so hard, now was it? You'll get the hang of this blogging thing in now time. You're young...how would you like to be in your 50's and trying to figure out this computer thingy? Just find your groove and you will shine, girly!
    How wonderful to read and hear the joy you have in your life!