Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tag! I'm it!

Ok, it happend I got tagged by my business partner of m2. As if she doesn't know, she thinks I need to tell 7 things about me. I should have let her fill this out for me.

So here it is for all of yall!!!!

1. I LOVE JESUS! I am so grateful for Him. I have been through some junk,(some my fault and some not) and he has put my feet on a rock fosho!!!

2. I lie about my age all the time. If I'm feelin old, I just jack up my age to look alittle younger.

3. I'm a flip-flop FREAK. No JUNKY ones though, well, I mean cheap ones. YELLOWBOX is all my workin dogs will have.

4. I LOVE CHEERLEADING!! But only if its my kid! I only want to talk about mine. Just kiddin!

5. I work to much. Thats what everyone says, I am seeking medical attention for this. I am not sure if its for the workaholic or for the slander of my family and friends.

6. I am a perfectionist and I havent arrived yet. How funny is that? Nothings good enough, is it?????

7. I have a great kid. She is fantastic, and beautiful. We have been blessed more than we could ever ask. She truly has a favor of God on her life.

Ok there yall are. I have been very blessed and busy. MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! Thanks for taking time out to listed to my tag. Loves!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Blogger School

Ok, so I am sitting here totally lost on how to be cute with my blogspot. I HAVE NEVER BEEN LOST ON HOW TO BE CUTE BEFORE THIS!!!!! I have always done things up big and lookin good and I have failed at this bloggin stuff. So, all you gals that have been addicted and recovered and addicted again, I need some help.

My kid even got a blogspot for herself and shes lost too and she is 14. All good though, for me, my bestie is sending me to her own blogger school. She is not a certified teacher, but a bull crapper and a great one I might add. All that know her, would agree. She is quite the card, and I love her. Shes the creative one of the M2 team. Let me introduce her, Misty!!!!

So until next time, my post will be FAB U LOUS!!!! My backgrounds, my colors, my fonts, my links, oooooooooo SHUT UP, I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HEY YALL. So this is my FIRST post. I am so excited!!!! My name is Alisha. I am married to a fantastic man name Justin and have a beautiful mini me name Mckay.....did I say that???? I am usually full of JUNK to talk about and the best thing right now is the dang Swine flu, and Allison gettin the boot of American Idol!!!!

SO, I am alittle bummed and so is my fam!!! Not because we have the flu, just about Allison.

I am apart of M2, and you should check out our blog. www.msquarejunk.blogspot.com

We are participating in a fund raiser for a beautiful miracle named, Bella Marie. So come on over and scope out the details.