Sunday, October 11, 2009


My gosh, its been along seems like yesterday I posted. Lots has happened since the last time I took a hard look at my life. Thank God, thats where the grace falls in. When you are just so dang busy, you arent upset that you missed a few things!

For starters, Msquare is back @ Canton. Same place and time. Not near is overwhelming this year, we feel like old pros at this stuff now. Although, we did get a mule this year to carry our kids and their crap up the mountain this year..its a rolling mule. We dont want anything else that talks, walks, or eats. Just dont have time!

Justin got laid off at the beginning of last month, and has landed a wonderful job. Its been kinda nice having him here to pick up Mckay from school, run her to cheer and stay 4 1/2 hours...I love that, and carry her to anything else she wants him to do. She says that he thinks he has 2 wives....bless his heart. She is going tomorrow to get her driving out she about to be rollin!

Seems that this year has been the hardest year of my life, but the best. Lots of things happened that built character and stamina, confidence and patience, and examination of how we live life. How it rolls past us without us even stopping it! I cant believe that my baby is a freshman.....and about to drive.....that I am 5 yrs away from 40!!!!

Instead of saying this is life as we know it....we say THATS HOW WE ROLL!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pitter Patter

My goodness sakes, we have gathered an army over the last few weeks. Maybe not an army, but a great start on a basketball team. I am so elated to say that all my rowdy friends have settled down.

For starts, Misti got herself a double heaping of blessing. She is fostering the most precious babies, a boy and a girl. The stork brought them to her home last week and we are praying Gods will for the situation. For the time being, they are being fed, diapered, fed, diapered, and prayed over by many folks.

The other BIG blessing belongs to one of the sweetest, genuine girls I know. Her name is Kelsey and the stork brought her a baby boy named Brayden. He is quite a bundle, a big one. We call him Big Tex, hes a whopping 9lbs 2oz. Hes long legged and I honestly don't know where she put him!!!!!! Hes here now to stretch out and he is a chiller. He loves his momma!

I am always amazed when I hold these babies that they are so perfect. GOD is so creative when he makes us, creation of these beings from start to finish. I love when Jeremiah was told that GOD knew him in his mommas womb! I love that He extends His goodness to make these little ones perfect, flawless, helpless. I wish I was still like that, I wish I was 100% completely dependant on Him. I would like to claim that I am, but He reads my blog too and knows the truth. CONGRATULATIONS YOU GIRLS, THESE BABIES ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Peace, Love, and Pampers,


Friday, June 19, 2009


O my gosh!!! I loooooovvvveee my baby presh. AKA:Big Girl Mckay

We had the best photographer in town take her photos the first of this month. Well, actually she is residing in Florida right now, but she visits often, if anyone needsa FAB U LOUS session.

My baby presh is going into high school this year, and I wanted to capture this year just as she is. Braces, short legs, and deflated chests! She is so dadgum cute. She is an awesome kid, even if I am her momma. Her daddy thinks she is Miss America, and a bag of chips. I dare any hairy legged boy cross his path!!! Just wanted to share with you gals some pics.

Dig this, the great photographer is Yea, shes a girl name Kevyn, cool hugh?
Heres to a great day in the world of photography.
Peace, Love, and A GOOD LOOKIN KIDDO

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

OK GIRLS, I know we needed it, but my neighbors back yard is now in mine, mine in my neighbors! (We live on the down slide of a hill, kinda) My dogs are mad at me, my girl was planning on a water park to day, every ones BUMMED.

But, I just came home from the beautiful Bullard, Tx. My mom had back surgery on Tuesday and she did wonderful. We went shopping all day yesterday on one pain pill. She said we were professionals and she had my step dads credit card. That's what made us professionals, we were spending someone elses money!!!!!!

NEWAYS, can't wait til Saturday for the grand opening of Winnie and Tullias. I hope thats how you spell it, but anywho, it'll be a good time.



Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, as I set here wondering on how all this came about, I can do alittle breakin it down for ya.

I am so excited that God has favor on me. I humbled at the fact that He loves me enough to marvel over me and my family. I have enudred some hard knocks but all in all, I have mastered the one gift on the giving and recieving end of LIFE.

FORGIVENESS, lets see, its so complicated but so simple. Jesus said to do it and I have come to terms that there is vital reason for these words written in red. He loves me so much to set me free from binding things that have been harmful to my self, to Him in myself , and the people I love the most. It all came down to this, to love and to be loved. To forgive and to be forgiven.

THANK YOU JESUS. I proclaim to know life in this circle from now on.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tag! I'm it!

Ok, it happend I got tagged by my business partner of m2. As if she doesn't know, she thinks I need to tell 7 things about me. I should have let her fill this out for me.

So here it is for all of yall!!!!

1. I LOVE JESUS! I am so grateful for Him. I have been through some junk,(some my fault and some not) and he has put my feet on a rock fosho!!!

2. I lie about my age all the time. If I'm feelin old, I just jack up my age to look alittle younger.

3. I'm a flip-flop FREAK. No JUNKY ones though, well, I mean cheap ones. YELLOWBOX is all my workin dogs will have.

4. I LOVE CHEERLEADING!! But only if its my kid! I only want to talk about mine. Just kiddin!

5. I work to much. Thats what everyone says, I am seeking medical attention for this. I am not sure if its for the workaholic or for the slander of my family and friends.

6. I am a perfectionist and I havent arrived yet. How funny is that? Nothings good enough, is it?????

7. I have a great kid. She is fantastic, and beautiful. We have been blessed more than we could ever ask. She truly has a favor of God on her life.

Ok there yall are. I have been very blessed and busy. MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! Thanks for taking time out to listed to my tag. Loves!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Blogger School

Ok, so I am sitting here totally lost on how to be cute with my blogspot. I HAVE NEVER BEEN LOST ON HOW TO BE CUTE BEFORE THIS!!!!! I have always done things up big and lookin good and I have failed at this bloggin stuff. So, all you gals that have been addicted and recovered and addicted again, I need some help.

My kid even got a blogspot for herself and shes lost too and she is 14. All good though, for me, my bestie is sending me to her own blogger school. She is not a certified teacher, but a bull crapper and a great one I might add. All that know her, would agree. She is quite the card, and I love her. Shes the creative one of the M2 team. Let me introduce her, Misty!!!!

So until next time, my post will be FAB U LOUS!!!! My backgrounds, my colors, my fonts, my links, oooooooooo SHUT UP, I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HEY YALL. So this is my FIRST post. I am so excited!!!! My name is Alisha. I am married to a fantastic man name Justin and have a beautiful mini me name Mckay.....did I say that???? I am usually full of JUNK to talk about and the best thing right now is the dang Swine flu, and Allison gettin the boot of American Idol!!!!

SO, I am alittle bummed and so is my fam!!! Not because we have the flu, just about Allison.

I am apart of M2, and you should check out our blog.

We are participating in a fund raiser for a beautiful miracle named, Bella Marie. So come on over and scope out the details.